Uniforms Collection

Uniforms Collection

The purchase in 2018 of a collection of eight military uniforms provided the opportunity to add a display in the new building. Funds were raised through the generous support of Group members, both here and in the USA. Additionally, grants were awarded by Essex Heritage Trust, Friends of Historic Essex and the Essex Society for Archaeology & History.

After cleaning and conservation, the uniforms were displayed in three professionally constructed museum display cabinets with environmental controls and monitoring.

Another uniform with an interesting story is that of Lt. Colonel Glenn Grau. He came across as a 2nd Lieutenant with the 556BS, flying B26B Marauder bombers. He rose through the ranks to become the Squadron CO on 1 January 1944.

The role of women in the forces is represented by the uniform of Private Christine Warren who was in the ATS and attached to Anti- Aircraft Command working in the Control Room at Blake Hall. There is also the uniform of Aircraftswoman Marjorie Phillips who served in the Cold War RAF, based at RAF Buckeburg in Germany.

A notable ninth addition is the uniform of Captain Jack Norton, a Signals Corps Officer, assigned to the 354th Fighter Group at Boxted. He went ashore on Omaha Beach on D-Day tasked with establishing a forward operating base for the 353rd FS, flying P51D Mustangs and eventually became the Squadron Adjutant.

All the uniforms are displayed with photos and information relating the stories of those who wore them.