Boxted Airfield Historical Group

Group History

The group based in Colchester Essex was formed in the year 2000 by Richard Turner. Richard has researched the history of Boxted airfield since 1995 and has staged exhibitions with the material collected since January 1999.

There was a lot of local interest and so he decided that if this project was going to continue, more help was needed. So after a meeting of enthusiasts, the first committee was formed in February 2000.

Membership now stands at over 100 worldwide, including airfield veterans, both American servicemen and RAF personnel, who were based at Boxted. The group holds regular meetings with guest speakers, film evenings, etc. Full details can be found on the “Group Events” page on this web site.

We would welcome your comments on the layout and information contained in this site - please use the form on the "Contact Us" page.

If you would like to become a member of our group, please go to our "Group Membership" page for details. We also offer free life membership to any personnel who served at Boxted, whether it was with the US Army Air Corps or the RAF.

Refurbishment of airfield memorial

During 2007, a grant was given to Langham Parish Council to repair the village war memorial. Included in the application was a request for money to refurbish the airfield memorial. Our group was asked if we would like to be involved in the design process and, after some deliberation, we suggested a wall should be built about 5 feet high around the present monument, which was agreed by the Parish Council. Carved into the granite are the names of the American units and the dates that they were stationed at Boxted, and also details of the RAF use of the field. The refurbishment was completed in April 2008.

Annual Report by the Committee for year ending 28 February 2022

The year ending 28 February 2022 was another extraordinary one for the World as well as the Group due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic, yet the Group once again managed to achieve a lot.

Committee: The committee was only able to meet physically three times due to restrictions but kept in touch and consulted digitally and by phone during the year to carry out the essential business of the Group.

Number of members: Total of 103, including 4 honorary members and two veterans, compared to a total of 111 in the previous year.

Club nights & Social activities: These were curtailed by the pandemic but it was still possible to hold 4 meetings from September and the AGM papers were sent out to members.

The long postponed special event for members to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the Group and the 10th anniversary of the opening of the museum successfully took place on 4 September. This was held at Langham Village Hall in order that members could socially distance and was attended by 50 members and guests, including Larry Wood who had travelled from California.

Museum: The museum opening season was shorter than usual and our first Sunday opening was in June when we were delighted to receive 69 visitors. The museum again participated in the Heritage Open Days on 11th and 12th September which were attended by about 54 visitors. Whilst these two days were admission free, the museum benefited by sales of refreshments, souvenirs and donations. All the openings were conducted in accordance with the COVID regulations and a big vote of thanks is extended to all our stewards who made it a success.

Work on refreshing displays, including the ROC collection and uniforms collection in hut 2 was completed and maintenance tasks have continued.

Work on refurbishing the container and the display of the link trainer was completed and it is now an additional attraction.

A memorial seat to Ron Davis donated by his family has been installed.

It was not possible to display all of our “Buildings Then and Now” photo exhibition due to space restrictions during the pandemic.

The DVD is continuing to sell well with 9 sales.

Work on the marking and entering of exhibits in an Accessions Register has continued.

Publicity /website: The Museum continues to receive regular publicity in the local press and through the distribution of flyers and posters to other museums, libraries and locations. The website plays a valuable role in raising the profile of the museum and the Group’s activities and a copy of this report will be placed on the website. The website has had 6303 hits in the past 12 months. Additionally, the museum has been publicised on Google Earth.

Good progress has been made on checking and cataloguing files previously obtained from US websites.

Work has continued on providing information for the forthcoming book.

Future plans:

2023 marks the 80th anniversary of the arrival of Americans at Boxted. It is planned to hold a special event for members. In addition, it is hoped to hold two guided walks around the airfield buildings not normally viewable.

A new outdoor reception and NAFFI facility is due for completion.

Work will continue on preparing the long-awaited book on the history of the airfield for publication.