Boxted Airfield Museum

Boxted Airfield museum

How a WW2 airfield and 3000 military personnel affected a small village
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The museum is now closed until 31 march 2019. We can open for private visits.
 Opening times 10-4. Admission donation £3. Accompanied children free.
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Museum buildingsRichard Turner and Henry Farwell 
         Museum buildings complex                                                Richard turner (chairman) with Henry Farwell 386TH                                                                                                         Bomb Group veteran at the museum opening in May 2011
Refitting of the new building continues while museum is closed. "Mr Shorty" marauder fuselage and largest collection of Marauder artefacts in the UK will be exhibited inside. The Marauder fuselage on display at our museum    

                                   Volunteers from Essex University help with new build refit                      

Robert Silva suitcase exhibit. Robert was killed on the first mission to Berlin. His personal effects were packed into his suitcase and returned to his family. Bruce Henderson, Robert's nephew played with the helmet and goggles as a small boy. When he got older Bruce started to ask questions about his uncle and believes this interest lead to Bruce becoming an Aviation Author.
After visiting the museum Bruce and his family decided to donate the suitcase and contents to our museum. We are privileged to be trusted with such a personal family item. The story of the suitcase also documents how Robert met his dancing partner.

Buildings exhibition will reopen with Museum on March 31st 2019, see "Buildings then and now" page.


Light refreshments and Airfield souvenirs are available from our shop. Disabled access to all areas and disabled toilet.
The museum can be opened for private and group visits. We also give illustrated talks on the airfield history. For details please contact us.
We invite veterans and their families to contact us. 
Our address is:
Langham Lane,
Please do not send post to the above address.

Latitude: 51.937548 N, Longitude: 0.922186 E

The Boxted Airfield Museum is located on the south-east side of Langham Lane.

Boxted Airfield Museum